06-13-2022 || 16:25
Tags: #deep-learning


Open 2 terminal tab.

  1. One will be used to run jupyter notebook on server, run this on the server

    jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=<PORT_SERVER>

    this <PORT_SERVER> is the port no in server for jupyter notebook

  2. Another one will be used to tunnel the jupyter notebook local to server, run this on local


    Here, <PORT_LOCAL> is the port number for local pc
    <PORT_SERVER> is the port number that you choose on the step 1
    <REMOTE_USER> is the user name of the server
    <REMOTE_HOST> is the host name of the server


    jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=3000
    ssh -L 8080:localhost:3000 sroydip1@ada.rs.umbc.edu

Then go to to connect to the jupyter notebook that is running on the server.