05-29-2022 || 00:24
Tags: #reading-paper


There are 3 passes of a paper reading.

  1. Carefully read the title, abstract, introduction (not fully just context, contribution) and conclusion
    Skim through the section headlines
    Result: Read / Not read
  2. Read the paper with slight more care but not very deep into the proofs. Mark the unread relevant references that needs to be read.
    Look at the figures, tables, Get an idea about the result, if they are properly labeled, if the result are properly annotated or table are captioned properly
    Result: Summarize the paper to someone new
    • Set the paper aside, the paper is not so needed for you
    • Read background knowledge first, and then come back to the paper
    • Go to the 3rd pass
  3. On this pass, you have to go through the paper in detail. Challenge every point, restructure the point. Find all of the weak or strong points. Get the core idea in detail.
    Result: After this one, I should be able to understand the paper from core, understnad how each contribution is related to one another and how are they working together.