• GRU = Gated Recurrent Unit
  • GRU unit shares weight
    • That is the main reason that GRU can work with the variable input and output
  • It can handle longer sequence that RNN
  • GRU uses both Sigmoid Function and Tanh Activation Function
  • The problem is that whatever the input size the context vector to decoder is fixed and so information get lost,
    • Solution: Transformer
  • The main difference with LSTM is that LSTM has 3 data (cell state, hidden state and input) but GRU has 2 data (hidden state and input)

[!def] GRU Unit Steps

  1. Update Gate: (Long term Memory)
  2. What percent of previous hidden data to remember
  3. Reset Gate: (Short term Memory)
  4. What percent of previous hidden data to forget

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