05-29-2022 || 00:53


In literature review, one has to read a tens of papers from a unknown field to get an idea. From the software engieer view, read a lot of tutorials/documentations to get an idea of the new technology or framework.

Three pass methods from how-to-read-paper a paper can be integrated during a literature review session.

  1. Via gogle scholar or any other way find 4-5 papers of your interested topic.
  2. Go through the first pass each of that paper (use 1st pass technique from how-to-read-paper). Get the summary of the work, what they are doing.
  3. Read their related section
    1. if you can find a survey paper, read ONLY that
    2. if not, find some common cited paper or common researchers. They are key papers or key researchers.
    3. Go to the key researchers profile, find out where they publish currently. These are key conferences.
    4. Go to the key conferences and go through the recent publications to find out your related work.
  4. Read the found paper on the step 4 from the last step + key papers you found on step 2.