Unlimited Memory

Unlimited Memory



  • Author: Kevin Horsley
  • Full Title: Unlimited Memory
  • Category: #books


  • our memory is just a habit, and habits can be improved with the right kind of training and practice. (LocationĀ 110)
  • mastering your memory is going to require a different kind of thinking. (LocationĀ 132)
  • Every single thought we have is creative: it has the power to build and the power to destroy. (LocationĀ 236)
  • First, 80% of changing anything is about why you want to change and only 20% is about how you do it. (LocationĀ 249)
  • Sharpen up your intellect by returning to the habit of doing one thing at a time. (LocationĀ 348)
  • Exceptional work is always associated with periods of deep concentration. (LocationĀ 350)
  • Learning with a purpose increases your attention, comprehension, retention, and organizes your thoughts. (LocationĀ 356)
  • Your mind never wanders away; it only moves towards more interesting and outstanding things. (LocationĀ 365)
  • The first step is to find your interests and then to find links or connections between your interests and the new information that you are learning. (LocationĀ 366)
  • Concentration is about learning how to stay centered. When you concentrate your power, you can achieve anything. (LocationĀ 396)
  • People that learn quickly or have a so-called photographic memory apply their creativity to everything they learn. (LocationĀ 418)
  • Learn to use your imagination; it is a learned skill and not a natural talent. (LocationĀ 434)
  • The SEE Principle (LocationĀ 442)
  • The greatest secret of a powerful memory is to bring information to life with your endless imagination. (LocationĀ 515)
  • The secret to accelerated learning is superior organization. (LocationĀ 558)