The Procrastination Cure

The Procrastination Cure



  • Author: Damon Zahariades
  • Full Title: The Procrastination Cure
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  • For the purpose of this book, we’ll define procrastination as the act of deferring action on something when taking earlier action would arguably have been a better decision. (Location 175)
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  • One way to do is this is through a strategy called temptation bundling, which we’ll explore in detail in Part II: 21 Ways To Beat Your Inner Procrastinator. (Location 187)
  • The biggest challenge in working on a task you consider to be boring, difficult, or unappealing, is starting on it. But a strange things happens once you start: the anxiety and dread associated with it rapidly declines. (Location 189)
  • Taking action causes the discomfort and guilt associated with procrastination to evaporate. It also erases the stress and worry of doing the task. And just as importantly, it gives us the momentum we need to continue working until the task has been completed. (Location 198)